Portable SNES mod is slick enough to hit retail

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Sometimes mods go to such lengths that words like ‘homebrewed’ and ‘DIY’ no longer do them justice. Presenting the Nintendo SNES Portable. Not the first, and probably not the last of its kind, this bad boy mobilizes Nintendo’s venerable console with a few buttons from a PSOne controller and a ridiculously detailed skinning job — yes, even the packaging gets a makeover. The sheer nostalgic overload at the sight of it must be worth something to Nintendo, no? There’s not a person, with both a heart and a history of gaming, that can glance at that bulky unwieldy-looking thing and not break into a wistful smile. Really, we dare you. More snaps after the break.


Brisco gets Robbed and Cop translates the news into hip hop

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“This Robbery was off the Chain”

If you haven’t seen it by now, above is the clip of Florida rapper Brisco getting robbed @ a barbershop. Not a laughing matter. What is funny is the language, delivered in the most deadpan of tones, used by the police spokesperson while discussing the incident with the local news. “They took a little more off the top than he expected”? “…off the chain”? So disrespectful.

So if you are a rapper and get robbed what do you do? Drop a diss song!

Click to here Brisco’s response. http://www.zshare.net/audio/638363409b5546ec/

Lambo Lee-Land Mixtape DJ Drama

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I think it’s a Gangsta Grillz mixtape, but I’m not sure if Dram’s brand is really that strong anymore, so that might not even matter to you guys anymore. I’m not really a Yung La fan, but he seems to be a favorite among kids that haven’t finished high school yet. I was in line at the movie theater the other night, and this kid was standing in line next to me, and I’m not sure what he was rapping to himself, I think it was Yung LA (although it could have been J Money or maybe Travis Porter, I really can’t tell all that stuff apart), but whatever it is I kinda looked at him like, “are you really reciting that sh!t?” and I feel uncomfortably out of touch with the youth. Then I realized that I was in 2009, and kids that rock  frohawks probably enjoy Leland’s music. I’m going to listen to this mixtape today. I’m not expecting much from it, but there might be a couple joints worth bumping on here. Enjoy.

Click here to download: Yung LA & DJ Drama – Lamborghini Leland

Nike Air Max LeBron VII

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Finally a pair of Lebron’s that I will wear. Right down the street in Akron, OH. Lebron and my boy from NC Alphaproject aka Jason Petrie realeses the hottest pair of Lebron’s to date. Don’t ask me why Kenan Thompson was there, maybe there was a donut raffle going on close by. At the event, it was announced that the Nike Air Max LeBron VII is the lightest LeBron signature sneaker to date making use of the Nike Flywire technology.  Other details announced include a 10 city world tour to introduce the shoe that will release in October.

Biz Markie – Just a friend (the literal version)

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Kanye has to be the poster child for mental health awareness

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This dude Kanye has to be in need of some counseling. This is a “freestyle” and I have no clue if he even raps on this one. Just random rants and raves. I think he must be on his period again.

Stuff I like Vol. I – Passive Agressive notes

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