Lambo Lee-Land Mixtape DJ Drama


I think it’s a Gangsta Grillz mixtape, but I’m not sure if Dram’s brand is really that strong anymore, so that might not even matter to you guys anymore. I’m not really a Yung La fan, but he seems to be a favorite among kids that haven’t finished high school yet. I was in line at the movie theater the other night, and this kid was standing in line next to me, and I’m not sure what he was rapping to himself, I think it was Yung LA (although it could have been J Money or maybe Travis Porter, I really can’t tell all that stuff apart), but whatever it is I kinda looked at him like, “are you really reciting that sh!t?” and I feel uncomfortably out of touch with the youth. Then I realized that I was in 2009, and kids that rock  frohawks probably enjoy Leland’s music. I’m going to listen to this mixtape today. I’m not expecting much from it, but there might be a couple joints worth bumping on here. Enjoy.

Click here to download: Yung LA & DJ Drama – Lamborghini Leland


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